We reached the quarter finals

11:00 The first game our wireless network really worked ended with a glorious 6:1 against the Team B-Human from Bremen, Germany! [6 for us ;-)]
Still problems to solve…
13:00 We were lucky and played a tie against Hephaestus from Tsinghua, China. The game ended 2:2 after a goal of Hephaestus was rejected because one of their players blocking our goal was taken out irregularly just before the kick of another one. We now have to focus urgently on our network problems.
15:00 We lost the game against CIT Brains from Japan. They go stable and fast and scored more often. Final score: 1:4.
16:00 Thanks to the Team B-Human from Bremen we proceed to the next round. Although they lost against Hephaestus the final score of 3:0 secured us a better goal difference…On to the next round!

The quarter finals start Jul 19, with the 8 world’s best teams. We will kick off saturday against Team ROPE from Singapore.

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