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New Power Board (yes, again!)

The FUmanoids did it again again!

Years after the scheduled and years before the actual opening of Berlins new airport the FUmanoids finished another piece of hardware.
The new power supply board works just nice! Assembly and programming everything went pretty quick this time. In less than one week everything got worked out and in the end we got some neat new power supply boards that generate WAY more juice for 5V applications.

The new PowerSupply board (Banana for scale)

The new PowerSupply board (Banana for scale)

As you can see some things changed on the board:

  • We replaced the huge DC/DC-Converter with a smaller but far more powerfull (10A vs 1A!) different component.
  • We replaced that AVR Processor with a Cortex-M0 which introduces the advantages:
    • in circuit programming
    • Way more processing power yet about the same current consumption
    • smaller footprint
    • 12Bit ADCs (2 bits more than that AVR)
    • DMAs to reduce the processor load during data acquisition
    • A lot more of neat features!
  • We can now monitor the current consumption on the 5V Domain and on the Servos. We can even monitor the reverse current induced by BEMF

The PCB was manufactured by LeitON who covered the costs for the boards. Many thanks to the support from that company!

You can find the schematics, designs and the code here: http://www.fumanoids.de/hardware/powerboard/

Currently we are working on a lot of other cool features and hardwares so stay tuned!

(Deutsch) Wahnsinn! Neuer FUmanoid Roboter noch vor BER fertiggestellt!

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

(Deutsch) It’s been a while

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Rien ne va plus

Unfortunately the FUmanoids missed the semifinals. The good news: We detected the ball and goals from pretty long distances, and getting up again after falling down worked like a charm as well. The walker was pretty stable and this is the first competition we used the “Ready”-phase to have the robots strategically position themselves. Last, but not least, we could walk. Nice.

Nice one!

Self -Positioning

The Chinese ZJU Dancers danced their way to victory, one might say. Their stable and fast walking made them hard to stop on their way to our goal. They took the lead in the first few minutes after Emmy, our designated goalie, decided to turn around and take a walk in her own goal and Grace decided to just stand by and politely let the opponent pass.
In the second half Ada took the courage and went into offense, only to be stopped by a Dancer that almost scored a goal in the ensuing counterattack. Emmy blocked the attacker, not giving in to the pressure inflicted upon her, and heroically prevented the 2:0.

..but Emmy "The Rock" prevented the goal

Counterattack by the Dancers

In the end the Dancers deservedly won the match and went on to win the semifinal as well. In the final they will meet the CIT Brains, familiar faces to us. It will probably be an exciting match on the highest level.

Teamphoto with the ZJU Dancers

Teamphoto with the ZJU Dancers

In the evening we participated in two Technical Challenges:
First, Ada had a bottle of sand thrown at her chest and managed quite well to not fall down, the poor thing.

Fortunately there's a bottle around it!

Throwing sand at Ada

Later, we tried to kick a fast moving ball into the goal, which unfortunately failed whenever the ref looked. But hey, we got prove it worked at least once:


Technical Challenge (GIF-Animation)

More pictures in the next few days!

We Reached the Quarterfinals!

Short summary of our game day. It was long and very exciting!
First game against the Wolves: 2:0 Win, Ada scored twice and showed us how the robot walk is done!
We made it to the second round robin phase!


Faceoff with the Wolves!

Second game with the CIT Brains (Japan): These guys are the most promising team of the competition. But we held our ground pretty well! Because both teams had little problems finding the ball and running towards it, there were lots of collisions and damage done (we had two broken arms that needed tending to..).

Waaah, Timeout!

Surgery urgently needed! Anyone got a spare arm lying around?

In the end the Brains were able to transform their sweet shooting skills and fast walking speed into two goals.

Come at me, bro!

Duel with the CIT Brains

Third game, KUDOS (South Korea): In this game neither the vision nor the walking worked as well as in the other two games. Not much happened, in the end Ada saved the day again by scoring in the last few seconds.

And then the Giant came :O

KUDOS goalie looking at the playing field

So now we are second in our group and will meet the ZJUDancers (China) again in the quarterfinals tomorrow.


All sizes group shot of the Humanoid League

First Gameday, First Goal!

While our first game against the RoboFEI-HT was a tie, our first goal took place in the second!

Calibrating before the game

Calibrating before the game

First Game against RoboFEI-HT (Brazil): After not a lot to look at and just one run towards the opponent’s goal by Ada that ended much too soon on the penalty box line, the game ended with a score of 0:0.

Game with RoboFEI-HT

Game with RoboFEI-HT

In the second game John managed to dribble the ball over the score line and thereby scored our first goal!

omg so fast

John Dribbling Towards the Goal (GIF-Animation)

Later the strong dribblers of the Dancers were able to score a goal and evened out the score. The ZJUDancers are one of the tournament’s strongest teams, so the tie is quite the success for us.

Look at our brand new Teamshirt

Servicing the Robot

Tomorrow we will play our last game of the first round robin phase, and there is a lot left to work on and little time to do so. So it stays interesting.

The quickest hand of the east

Calibrating the Goal Post

PS: Only four out of 15 teams in the league have scored a goal today! (see the results)

RoboCup 2015: Setup Day 1

After one and a half days of travelling and very little sleep, we finally made it to our hotel beds in Hefei thursday evening.
The many, many flighthours were spent with games, drinks, movies, and (of course) some programming.

bugfixing in over 10 km height

There is always some bug to fix, even in the sky.

Yesterday was first day of setup; today will be second. While the teams are getting used to the artificial turf and the other conditions of the competition, it is exciting to see so much great competition. There are many robots walking and shooting on such a high level that the games are surely going to be a fascinating sight.

Teams Preparing on the Field

Teams Preparing on the Field

Testing, Fixing, Testing, Fixing...

Testing, Fixing, Testing, Fixing…

A list of all competing teams can be found on the page of the RoboCup Humanoid League (including qualification videos!), and this is also where the results of the games will be made public.

More to come soon!
Robotic greetings from China!

Emmy and the New Ball

Emmy and the New Ball

Boxing Up the Robots

Finally: Tomorrow we will be on our way to China!
RoboCup 2015 starts in a few days and the schedule is tight.
The robots are sleeping in their cases, gathering strength for the tournament.

Packing up for China

Packing up for China

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned: We will hopefully update frequently, depending on the internet situation of course 😉

Btw.. the German Open 2015? The FUmanoids won :)

We know, this is kind of late, but still:

Winners of German Open 2015!

The FUmanoids won the Humanoid KidSize Soccer tournament of German Open 2015!

As a short reminder:
Due to the new set of rules all teams were struggling to play a decent game.
Especially the new artificial turf made walking and getting up hard as never before.

Alan struggling to get up

Teaching Alan how to get up.

All our work paid off in the final against Russian newcomers Team Photon from Tomsk.
Even though our first two dribblings failed right before the opponent’s goal, finally we managed to score in overtime.
Have a look at the complete game here (big props to our buddies the Hamburg Bit-Bots, who streamed and uploaded all the games):

The scoring of the goal can be seen at 46:40, the dribbling towards the goal starts approximately at minute 45:00.

A huge Thank You! to the organizers of the event and greetings to all the other teams who made it such great fun.

Привет в Томск, приятели!

The Finalists: FUmanoids and Team Photon, Newcomer From Tomsk, Russia.

We are in the finals of the German Open

Today was a long day for all teams.

The morning saw the remaining preliminary games (two per team). After we fixed an issue in the walking code, and added a motion to roll from the front to the back to be able to always get back up, we were quite optimistic that we would score either against the Hamburg Bit-Bots or the Bold Hearts. Unfortunately this bore no fruit. Though the robots had not to be taken out as often after a fall, they still did not hold the ball for a long time.

In the end, all the preliminary games ended 0:0, making it impossible to rank the teams in the group phase. The rule book has a provision for that case, saying that each team takes alternating penalty kick trials trying to score a goal. As this forbids entering the penalty area and no team is currently able to kick the ball over that distance (or at all), a new approach was decided upon. Five alternating trials would be hold, the first being a regular penalty kick, the second a modified penalty kick where the striker may enter the penalty area, the third trial would be judged based on the distance the ball is moved towards the goal, the fourth trial on the distance walked towards the goal and, if required, the fifth trial would be won by the team that walked the farthest (whatever direction).

In preparation of this phase, a check of our code revealed a nasty bug that we added yesterday. This turned out to be the reason the robot would walk away from the ball. Having fixed that, we went into the penalty trials quite optimistically. As expected, the first trial was no success as we can’t kick. However in the second trial we scored our first goal:

Before us, Photon also managed to score and so did Bold Hearts. Ranked on time, this made us first in group, followed by Photon and Bold Hearts. The fourth in the group turned out to be WF Wolves after they managed to move the ball farther towards the goal than the Hamburg Bit-Bots in the firth trial round. This meant we would be meeting WF Wolves in the semi-final.

In the semi-finals we started playing in the “bad” direction, where the grass’ “growing” direction makes it much harder to walk. This caused a lot of falls and ultimately no goal. However in the second half, playing with the grain, we finally managed to score. Our work on walking and stabilization payed out when we withstood direct contact with the large WF Wolves robot and Grace dribbled the ball close to the goal. When she lost the ball, Alan took over and finished the way into the Wolves’ goal.

In the other semi-final, Photon won against Bold Hearts by a technical goal, dribbling the ball 12cm farther under the modified penalty kick rules. We will meet Photon tomorrow in the finals.